"Story always wins."

Those words became the guiding philosophy when Mav Press was imagined in 2016. Unlike the didactic style of nonfiction, story conveys meaning—sometimes deep, unspeakable meaning—through the lives and conversations of characters who achieve what mere mortals cannot. Long after the arguments of a nonfiction book are forgotten by a reader, the truths conveyed in a story live on. They continue to mold our moral imaginations, inspire us, and instruct our minds and souls.

At Mav Press, we believe fiction is an underused, yet effective medium for conveying difficult realities. Nonfiction teaches, but story illustrates. Nonfiction conveys facts, but story embodies them. Nonfiction taps the intellect, but story touches the heart and soul. This is why story always wins.

At Mav Press, we call it “incarnational fiction”—the fleshing out of certain ideas in the form of a well-told story. Our books take a nonfiction subject, sheathe it in drama, and present the incarnated idea to both the heart and mind of the reader. The result is a new type of book, a hybrid of nonfiction and fiction that satisfies the longings of both.

If you are a satisfied reader, an aspiring “incarnational fiction” author, or a media reporter seeking comment, please drop us a line on the Contact page.